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Photo of Marceli Jasinski

With a passion for bridging creativity and leadership, Marceli Jasiński has navigated a dynamic 15+ year journey in the world of design. Graduating from DePaul University, he embarked on a career that saw rapid growth from a design intern to a Creative Director, orchestrating visual narratives that found their way into prominent retailers.


Marceli's expertise isn't confined to the industry; as an adjunct instructor since 2020, he has shaped the minds of aspiring designers, infusing them with the principles of graphic design, image processing, and content management. His dual roles as a leader in the creative field and an educator have forged a unique perspective, enabling him to work with varied teams and disciplines.


His approach goes beyond crafting visually compelling designs; it's about inspiring innovation, fostering collaboration, and driving projects to successful completion. Whether at the helm of a complex design project or in a classroom nurturing the next generation of creative minds, Marceli's commitment to excellence is unwavering.


His work with as a Creative Director reflects a track record of not just design but effective management and transformative educational experiences. Each step in his career has been a testament to his ability to adapt, innovate, and inspire.

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