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Mobile: 773.456.1881




Dynamic Creative Director with over 15 years leading innovative design projects. Skilled in blending artistic vision with strategic insight for impactful results and team excellence. Continually advancing creative standards and professional growth.

Notable Successes

As The Peel People’s first Creative Director, my strategic execution played a key role in the brand’s successful entry into major retail spaces and achieving a strong market presence. Drove a 5700% engagement surge at Creative Powers, Inc. managing a social media campaign for a client. Increased TouchWall installations by implementing an innovative design-led strategy at TouchPros, LLC. In each role, I consistently lead teams, projects, and clients through a strategic vision, ensuring successful outcomes.


2022 - 2023      TouchPros, LLC.     Creative Director

At TouchPros, I led the UX/UI redesign of TouchWall6, elevating engagement and functionality. I was instrumental in refreshing the TouchPros website and developing the BoostFundz platform, ensuring cohesive branding and intuitive user experience. My role in designing influential social media campaigns and detailed product brochures significantly amplified our brand presence and market influence.


2019 - 2022      Creative Powers, Inc.      Graphic Designer

Led design and marketing initiatives, managing diverse client accounts and crafting impactful visual identities. My role encompassed digital content creation, project management, and strategic marketing, culminating in a transformative campaign for a tutoring center.


2010 - 2018      Team Impressions/The Peel People      Creative Director

Guided a vibrant team of artists in a leading sticker manufacturing company, specializing in design excellence, strategic planning, and stringent quality assurance, directly resulting in product superiority and customer satisfaction.

2020 - Present       Computer Systems Institute      Adjunct Graphic Design Instructor

Stimulating interest and engagement in graphic design with interactive and practical coursework. Mentoriong students in Graphic Design, Web Content Management, and SEO & SMO, and preparing them for the current professional landscape.


Skills: Design

Brand Development (Identity, Guidelines, Packaging)

Visual Design (Logo Creation, Mock-Ups, Photo/Vector Graphics)

Multimedia Production (Animation, Motion Graphics, Video Editing)

Advertising (Print & Digital Campaigns, Content Strategy)


Skills: Team Management

Strategic Leadership (Team Leadership, Art/Project Direction, Decision-Making)

Visionary Planning (Creative Vision, Initiative, Goal-Setting, Communication)

Collaborative Execution (Team Building, Cross-Functional Collaboration, Stakeholder Management, Visual Storytelling)

Skills: Additional

Content Mastery (Creation, Social Media Strategy, Copywriting)

Operational Excellence (Vendor Relations, Quality Assurance)

Analytical Skills (Data-Driven Marketing Analysis)

Software Proficiency

Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Dimensions, Stager, Acrobat, Lightroom, Bridge)

Website Design (Wix, SquareSpace)

Email Marketing (MailChimp, Constant Contact)


DePaul University B.S. in Computer Graphics & Animation 2002 - 2007

Marceli Jasinski's Resume - Update 2024
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